Pushpak Security & Surveillance

Pushpak Security & Surveillance Solution is a comprehensive and intelligent platform designed to streamline Security & Surveillance operations and enhance overall safety.

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Experience unparalleled safety with Pushpak Security & Surveillance Management Solution, an intelligent and comprehensive platform meticulously designed to optimize security operations. Harnessing advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence and real-time monitoring, it empowers you to streamline security measures and ensure a protected environment. Gain complete control and safeguard what matters most with this powerful solution to redefine the standards of security.

One Camera Multiple Use Cases

Single-camera solution, eliminating the need for multiple cameras for different use cases. Simplify deployment and maximize cost-efficiency while ensuring comprehensive surveillance.

Identify Potential Threats

Identify potential threats, such as unauthorized access, suspicious activity, and loitering. This allows you to take action to prevent these threats from becoming incidents.

Improve response times

Improve response times by providing real-time alerts. This allows you to take action quickly to prevent or mitigate incidents.

Use Cases
Vehicle Entry/Exit

Vehicle Entry/Exit Vehicle Entry/Exit

Automate Vehicle entry/exit within premises.

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People Counting

People Counting People Counting

Crowd analytics to measure the flow of people

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection Intrusion Detection

Detect and alert intrusions within premises.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition Facial Recognition

Scaled up Security & Surveillance access.

Gun Detection

Gun Detection Gun Detection

Detect threats before lethal incidents occur.




Data visualization on a single page for better efficiency.


Live View

Access live video feed and detections in real-time.



List of all operational cameras that can be activated or deactivated as needed.



Add companies in the database to establish an association between an employee and their respective organization.



View and download reports.


Employee List

Effortlessly incorporate employees into the list for smooth entry and accurate attendance recording through facial recognition.



A comprehensive log captures detailed information on vehicular traffic within the premises, including arrival/departure times, license plate numbers, and vehicle classification, thereby facilitating effective monitoring and management of traffic.


Runs on Edge/cloud

Pushpak platform can operate on both edge and cloud environments, adapting to requirements. It empowers edge devices with localized decision-making and reduced latency, while capable of utilizing cloud computing resource to offer a flexible solution tailored to diverse needs.


Works Offline and Online

Our solutions seamlessly operate both offline and online, ensuring continuous functionality and efficient performance.


Scalable Solution

Scalable solutions that facilitate business growth.


Works on existing cameras

Pushpak AI solutions operate on existing camera infrastructure, reducing capital costs and leveraging advanced AI capabilities for businesses.


Customized Dashboards

Tailored dashboards and analytics to meet business requirements, enabling data visualization and operational efficiency.


Report Generation

Generate insightful reports for informed decision-making and optimized business performance.

Our Success Stories


ANPR along with driver image capture for enhanced security by using a single camera and deployed on premises


Parking management using existing camera setup


Determining vehicular traffic density in real time for ATCS system using a 2 MP camera and Raspberry Pi