Vehicle Adaptive Presence

In many cities around the world, there has been a steady rise in the number of vehicles due to rapid urbanization that is leading to more frequent traffic jams at intersections with poorly managed traffic flow. The time lost due to traffic adds to the loss of productivity, fuel wastage and pollution. The Pushpak Adaptive presence can help resolve this global issue by generating real time insights on the traffic present at a particular junction and can also automate the timings of traffic lights based on the real time traffic density when combined with an ATCS system.

Sends a pulse to the control room when a vehicle is detected in a lane
Helps in workforce management
Easy integration with ATCS
Remote monitoring: Option to control and monitor the system remotely via a network connection
High accuracy on EDGE and cloud-based solution
Operates online and offline
Plug & Play
Real time insights on traffic flow
Can be integrated with ATCS
Optimized traffic flow