Triple Riding

In India, two-wheelers are the most popular form of transportation, and as the number of riders increases, so do traffic violations like triple riding, which can cause harm to both the rider and any additional passengers. A traffic constable must be on the scene to document the infringement in photos and videos, even though many cities are increasing their video surveillance network. triple riding uses AI to automate this procedure by offering a simple-to-use, low-cost solution that can assist in lessening these violations.

Suitable evidence: vehicle identity and violation type are documented in a photo and video snippet
Helps in workforce management
Configured for easy compatibility with third party databases like RTO, VAHAN, etc
Atomized challan generation through integration with RTO challan database
Remote monitoring: Option to control and monitor the system remotely via a network connection
High accuracy on EDGE and cloud-based solution
Operates online and offline
Plug & Play
High ROI
Citizens follow traffic rules
Safer city