Across the world, red light jumping is one of the most common and serious traffic violations in everyday traffic management. Pushpak RLVD (Red light violation detection) system aims to improve traffic rules compliances where there are no traffic officials present by providing transport management officials with an AI solution to acquire vehicle information and detect traffic violations like red light jumping, stop-line crossing, helmet detection, etc. with the help of an easy to setup and integrate infrastructure that can be installed anywhere, anytime.

Suitable evidence: vehicle identity and violation type are documented in a photo and video snippet
Configured for easy compatibility with third party databases like RTO, VAHAN, etc.
Atomized challan generation through integration with RTO challan database
Remote monitoring: Option to control and monitor the system remotely via a network connection
Multiple use cases: red light, stop line, incorrect turn, no helmet and more
Advanced search filters
High accuracy EDGE and cloud-based solution
High accuracy EDGE and cloud-based solution
Operates online and offline
Plug & Play
High ROI
Scalable solution
Better traffic management
Safer city
Higher revenue generation
Can be integrate to a fixed & mobile traffic unit