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Facial expressions help us understand what a person is feeling through a visual approach. Facial expression recognition (FER) is a computer vison and deep learning AI solution, where we can analyse people’s expressions to discover the emotions caused by how the general public is perceiving the given product/service. These individual perspectives are quite significant when it comes to getting feedback, especially for customer-focused firms. With the help of Pushpak FER, businesses can collect feedback from their clients and consumers without ever having to ask for it.

Detection of emotional states
  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Angry
  • Fear
  • Neutral
Can recognize emotional states of one person or multiple people in a group
Intuitive and informative dashboard
Report generation
High accuracy EDGE and cloud-based solution
Operates online and offline
Plug & Play
High ROI
Candid feedback
Scalable solution
Real time analysis