Plug & Play

Effortless integration & Compatible with most existing CCTV setups for monitoring workplace SOPs and daily activities. Adopting CCTV Video analytics software automates supervision of operations with zero to minimal CAPEX.

Consolidated Dashboard & Metrics

Our user-friendly platform provides an informative and customized dashboard where you can monitor all AI driven Video analytics of your checklist for real-time activities, maintaining SOPs and process monitoring optimally.

Real Time Day To Day Insights & Alerts

Get informative and insightful reports daily based on your checklist for Workplace SOPs & Process compliance violations. Our artificial Intelligence software will send real-time alerts & insightful report for efficient business decisions.

Reliable, Secure and Compliant

Our Deep learning video based intelligent video analysis, analyses the real-time video or recorded video streams to generate meta data across multiple use cases. We have you covered over regulatory and internal guidelines.

Data Privacy

We understand that data can be sensitive. Hence, we give complete disclosure of what’s happening with your data and keep the information safe by processing data in fully encrypted pipeline. We also have zero Visual Data Storage. All the Video Analysis is done on a real-time basis and nothing is stored by us.

Data Privacy
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