Vehicle Management

Security personnel have historically handled all aspects of vehicle management manually, from letting vehicles onto the property, keeping record of the vehicles, and letting them exit. Pushpak AI solution for vehicle management system provides a comprehensive visitor management software. The system can be installed on any gate, whether it is an entry, exit, or entry and exit both. The computer vision based AI Solution enables security officers to gain insights on the vehicular traffic inside the premises as well as the classification and data of the vehicles.

Vehicle Management
Can be installed on multiple gates
Any authorized personnel (admin, security, employee, resident) can add and approve a vehicle
Intuitive and informative dashboard
Vehicle count and classification
Shows occupied and vacant parking spaces
Report generation
High accuracy EDGE and cloud-based solution
Operates online and offline
Plug & Play
High ROI
Scalable solution
Low setup cost
Adaptive user-interface
Works Offline & Online
Solution for fixed and mobile unit