Intelligent Traffic Management System

ITMS Ever increasing vehicles on the road lead to traffic jams & congestions, which in turn lead to an increase in travel times and fuel consumption. An Intelligent Traffic Management System helps to monitor the traffic flow through a co-ordinated, efficient & smarter technology. ITMS relies on the real time traffic data and effectively co-ordinate the traffic across the city. ITMS solutions includes real time vehicle detection, Number plate recognition, Traffic violation detection, Predictive traffic analysis for planning, Smart traffic junctions to control traffic, E-challans, Smart traffic control centre etc.

Violation images/video snippet for evidence
Compatible for 3rd party Integration (RTO, Vahan, etc.)
User friendly UI for easy adaption
No specialized camera required
Customized Dashboard
Report generation
Runs on EDGE device
Plug & Play
Scalable solution
Low setup cost
Adaptive user-interface
Works Offline & Online
Solution for fixed and mobile unit